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The Coach

Alex Carabi

I’m Alex Carabi. My mission is to unshackle the world through meaningful growth and meaningful impact.

I’m an ICF professional certified coach (PCC). I help impact-driven people to grow professionally and personally — so that they can have an even greater, more meaningful impact on the world.

I coach people 1-on-1, typically ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders and founders. I also run workshops for businesses, teams and start-ups.

Before Kodawari, I worked as a leadership and brand consultant at Implement Consulting Group. I helped global companies with leadership development, brand and culture strategy, sales coaching and more. Prior to that I founded and ran Carabi + Co, an award-winning brand development and web agency.

Apart from coaching, I write about everything relating to the human experience. I also have a monthly newsletter that will make you rethink.

I have a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management from Copenhagen Business School.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, but I coach people from all over the world.

Get in touch today – I’d love to hear from you.