Methods & Topics


Innovation and design thinking

Changes are often scary—but that’s because we view them as all-or-nothing decisions. What if we view changes as experiments instead? Then errors become learning experiences, and fuel for growth.


Business strategy

Strategy is not planning. Strategy is about making choices—about choosing to do one thing, and not another. What choices are you making? How firmly are you committing to them?


Values-based leadership

So many of our mental obstacles are due to a simple fact: we don’t know who we are, or who we want to be. What do you value and hold important? What is your personal philosophy? What do you want?

Personal brand

Brand strategy

A brand is strong when what you SAY = what you DO. The same goes for a personal brand. What do you SAY and believe? And what do you DO to express that to the world?

Control calibration


The simplest solution to a calm mind? The ability to separate what you can control and what you don’t control. And what’s within your control? Only your actions, your reactions and your perspective.

Acceptance and observance

Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness

We all have that wicked monkey mind inside us that never stops. We can either let that inner loudspeaker direct our lives, or we can learn to accept its presence and make our own choices instead.

Habit and process formation

Sports psychology

Becoming world-class doesn’t happen over night. It’s the result of small, daily improvements that become exponential over time. How you spend your days is how you spend your life, after all.

Fear finding

Learning and development

You’re a creator, so you’re always heading into the unknown. But how do you deal with fear? With practice, you can learn to see fear as a magnet of accomplishment. By seeking out fear, you’re always embracing learning, growth, and aliveness.

Deliberate practice

Sports psychology and performance coaching

The world’s best in any field don’t just practice a lot. They follow a specific regimen of deliberate practice to enhance their development and performance. They set micro-goals. They’re guided by a mentor or coach. They’re able to focus intently. And they stretch themselves in every practice session. Do you?

Life tracking

Wildlife tracking

Life presents us with sign after sign of what path to pursue. But we’re too distracted, too busy, and too mindless to notice them. With practice we can learn to notice our own signals, signs and footprints. We can build the ability to track our own future path.

Space creation

Creativity and performance

There’s a reoccurring theme in the lives of the greatest leaders, masters of craft, athletes and performers: they’re meticulous about their space. The mental space to focus. The physical space to create. The space they provide others to flourish in. How do you create and protect the space you need to thrive?