Real growth for real people

Bringing human development to business


Leadership and performance coaching

You are your leadership tool

Understanding yourself to lead others

Leadership is the ability to influence other people toward a common direction. In order to know how you influence others, you need to know yourself.

Coaching increases self-awareness, by uncovering who you are, what you want, and how you think.

You’ll stretch yourself to grow as a person and as a professional – to become the best leader you can be.

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Building a human development culture

Your business’s growth is determined by your people’s growth. And to truly grow as a person, you need to grow professionally and personally.

A human development culture is when everyone in the organization supports each other to improve. Mistakes are encouraged. Feedback is direct. Personal ambitions are supported.

Real growth takes real people.

Progress on all fronts

A process that brings people together

We’ll combine 1-on-1 coaching sessions with group development workshops and training.

Group sessions are a mix of leadership training and interactive workshops. These will help to articulate your unique flavor of leadership and culture.

Between sessions everyone will commit to on-the-job actions, that bring the culture to life.

Grow deliberately

Learn to play on your edge

Most organizations expect people to grow "as they go," supported by occasional training.

But real growth takes more than that. It demands a focused effort to identify growth areas, to lean into your edge, and to practice deliberately and consistently.

Deliberate growth takes deliberate practice.

Feedback that’s real

Help each other to grow

Most feedback is surface level. A pat on the back is often what many have come to expect.

Real feedback is different. It identifies strengths and weaknesses. It’s constructive. It takes place in safe environment. And it happens after every interaction.

Real feedback can be difficult to take. But it's the only way to grow for real.

Mental skills to thrive

Practice and train how you think

Workplace learning is usually limited to professional skills and competences. But what about learning how to think?

Kodawari’s approach helps leaders to practice the mental skills necessary to take the next step in their development.

To improve what you do, you need to improve how you think.

Tools to support growth

Don’t leave growth to chance

Real learning and growth doesn’t happen by chance. It requires direction, reflection and follow-up.

Kodawari’s suite of online tools and templates help support your team’s growth. You’ll turn ad-hoc improvement into serious, deliberate growth.


Bite-size learning and inspiration

Inspire and engage

Learn and grow through bite-size sessions

Workshops give you and your team an opportunity to deal with real topics together.

Every workshop is interactive, and combines:

  1. Theory and scientific research
  2. Inspiration and personal stories
  3. Practical exercises to apply learning

Workshop themes

Kick-start your development

Coaching Yourself & Self-Leadership. Learn the basics of coaching. Practice and use real tools.

Leading & Coaching Others. Learn the basics of leadership. Practice coaching. Start leading.

Learning How to Learn. Understand how you actually learn. Gain techniques to continuously improve.

Stress Management. Learn about stress and burnout. Apply tools to manage your energy.