1-on-1 coaching for human development

High impact coaching for high impact people

Real growth — Real change — Real leadership

Topics and outcomes of coaching

  • 1) Discover who you are,
    your direction, and what impact you want to have as a leader
  • =
  • 2) Build mental skills
    to find your edge and take on the obstacles that hold you back
  • =
  • 3) Take action to grow,
    achieve your goals, and become more of who you want to be

Real talk and real action

A process that leads to real-life change

We’ll have a two-hour coaching session once every 10-14 days. We’ll dive deep. But the most important parts are what happen in between.

After every session you’ll commit to real-life actions. These will move you forward, toward real change.

Coaching is more than just talking. It’s action.

Set your direction

Commit to who you want to become

If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s easy to get stuck.

We’ll spend time figuring who you are, who you want to be as a leader, and what impact you want to have.

Life is course correction. Where are you headed?

Get out of your own way

Question your beliefs and assumptions

Transformative change requires a new way of thinking.

We’ll challenge the assumptions that have gotten you to where you are, but will hold you back tomorrow.

What got you here won’t get you there.

Find your fears

Learn to play on your edge

True growth isn’t incremental. It’s transformational. Real growth happens out on your edge.

We’ll identify your edge, and you’ll practice leaning into it step by step.

Real growth is uncomfortable.

Track your progress

Online tools to support you

Your insights are a crucial part of coaching. But it’s even more important that you remember them.

Using Kodawari’s online tools we’ll track your insights for each session. Then we’ll follow-up on your real-life actions with reflections and tweaks for next time.

Full access to the coach

Receive ongoing feedback and support

When you commit to coaching, you aren’t just signing up for coaching conversations. You are signing up to a committed partner on your journey.

You’ll have full access to the coach between sessions, for sparring and motivation boosters when you need it most.

You are the captain of the ship. But we’re in it together.

Create habits & routines

Change through small keystone habits

Change is difficult. We’re hardwired to maintain the status quo. So we need to change one step at a time.

We’ll focus on ingraining habits. We'll set up routines so that change becomes bite-size.

Change isn’t just a new behavior. Change is a new behavior that lasts.

Assessments that count

Get an objective view on you

Leadership is not a one-man show. It requires leading other people. Just like a business meets customers’ needs, you need to meet your followers’ needs, too.

We’ll track and measure your leadership skills, as judged by those you lead, using industry leading assessments provided by Alva Labs.

Worlds of wisdom

A multidisciplinary approach to coaching

I’m a certified coach. But I’ve also developed global leaders as a management consultant. I’ve founded a brand agency. I have a Masters in Management. I’ve studied CBT. And I’ve meditated for 10 days straight.

So the coaching isn’t just coaching. It’s a cocktail of psychology, philosophy, strategy, leadership development, spirituality and more.

It’s the hard stuff, the soft stuff...and everything in between. Read more about me.