What is coaching?

Coaching is a method to help you raise awareness of who you are and your situation, take responsibility to find solutions, and achieve progress on your goals.

Coaching is not mentoring or counseling. In those types of relationships, the client is usually looking for advice or expertise.

My expertise is in the coaching relationship itself. I don’t have your answers – it’s your life, after all. But I do have the questions, processes and tools that will help you to uncover your own answers.

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The Kodawari Approach

The approach is centered on alignment – integrating mental skills, values, and actions into a whole person, inside and out.

How you think

Mental skills to deal with thoughts. Identify internal obstacles. Learn how to . Differentiate between what you control and what you don’t

Who you are

What you value. What you believe in. What you want.

What you do

Your goals. Your habits. Your actions. Your confidence and motivation.

Your personal brand

What you stand for. How you live by your values. Your reputation.


  • Clear picture of who you are, who you’re becoming, and what’s important to you
  • Measured progress on the aspects you want to radically improve
  • Toolbox to handle obstacles on your own in the future
“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” John Wooden

So what’s so special about Kodawari?

You’ll be disrupted

To get at the heart of what really matters, I will challenge you. I will disrupt your thinking. We’ll deal with the tough issues and your scary dreams – because those are the ones that make a difference.

Documented + measured progress

We’ll track and document your progress after every session. For example, if we’re focusing on your leadership abilities, we’ll measure your leadership levels before we start, while we work, and when our engagement ends – as judged by you and by those around you.

This is all to make sure that you make real progress – that you actually change and grow.

You build lasting abilities

My goal is not to have a long-term relationship with you. Instead, I want to equip you with tools so that you can deal with future challenges yourself – and thrive for years to come.

My goal is to make myself redundant.

It’s more than just coaching - it’s a toolbox for life

I’ve scoured the globe and the depths of history to build the best possible toolbox to help people help themselves. Of course, the techniques used will be tailored to your situation, but can include:

  • Executive coaching and life coaching
  • Sports and performance psychology
  • Psychology (CBT, ACT, NLP)
  • Philosophy (Stoicism, Buddhism)
  • Business/marketing/brand strategy
  • Innovation and design thinking
  • Meditation and mindfulness

Coaching packages

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