No-nonsense coaching for impact-driven leaders

Kodawari is a Japanese word, that can be roughly translated as “a sincere, unwavering focus on what you are doing, with the intention of making it perfect, while knowing that perfection is impossible and that the work itself is most crucial.”

Kodawari Coaching lifts impact-driven leaders from functional to exceptional—by helping to figure out who they are, how to think, and how to thrive.

Entrepreneurs. Startup founders. Leaders. Ambitious people whose livelihood depends on themselves and their craft. But with success comes distractions: demanding investors, office politics, even the relentless inner critic—it's all noise that's take away focus from what really matters: the work itself.

Kodawari’s approach is to help these pioneers to build mental skills and resilience. To raise self-awareness. To figure out who they are and who they want to be. And to take action to achieve goals, build confidence, and live a meaningful life. Learn how →

Results & Testimonials

"Alex has an extraordinary ability to see you as a person, guiding you to know yourself better, and become conscious of your habits — good and bad. It has been a truly transformational experience."

Miriam Plon Sauer

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